• February Feels So Short...

    It always feels like the year just begun, then suddenly love is in the air and whoosh... Valentine's over! Is it just me or is this month of the year freakishly shorter than usual?

    Nah. Don't give me that 28 days is factually shorter than 31 routine. I know that. I mean why does this particular month race by so fast each year. March always seems to drag on and on. August always seems to stretch on despite the fun in the sun feeling that month always gives me. November, depending on which hemisphere I am in, has a gloomy and disgruntled feel about it while December has the distraction of sleigh bells, mistletoe and to do lists that always feel best shoved in a drawer until that guilty resolution is made in the early hours of New Year's Eve.

    This January has raced past with my head half turned to television screens filled with snow filtering its way across a continent with stunned and very cold looking people shaking their heads in shock at its presence, floods burying others in misery which is not exactly a step up from staring mournfully at bills and tax returns while most people seem to use this month to grit their teeth and try to pretend the year will be awesome because miraculously we all seem to get jolly the month before, celebrate with fireworks whizzing around us and then drag ourselves back to work with resolutions already broken one day in to the month.

    But then along comes freakishly paced February with its delightful optimism and little winks of inspiration and off we go on the hunt to get to the other end of the month hoping to be rewarded by that precious 29th day every four years. Today I tip my virtual hat off to those lucky enough to be born that day and hope you are already preparing to stake claim to the quadruple presents owed to you... in two years time... Perhaps February is a fairly annoying month for some after all! 



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    6. The real reason is we are on hands and knees begging you to grab and use the non exclusive content while acting like we'll be fine without you. We won't. We need you. Pretend to need us too. We ain't too proud to beg

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    10. Did you seriously read through all of these expecting anything other than sweet digital blinks and creative winks?

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